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Superhero Fun.


Just like STRANGER THINGS was a throwback to the 80's, STRIKE is a throwback to the superhero shows of the 90's: X-Men, Ninja Turtles, Batman, Power Rangers. 

It's the story of a kid who travels to a world where superheroes are real, attacks by villains are just another hassle of living in the city, and you never know what new creature (or new friend) you're going to meet around every corner...

17-year-old Tobin is our main character. During his senior year of high school, not only does he discover he has superpowers, but he also travels to a world where superheroes and villains are very, very real. 
Just as he’s thriving in his role as the superhero "Strike", he discovers a terrible secret: the only reason he has powers is because a super-villain named Vincent Harris bestowed them upon him. Vincent did this for one reason: to make Tobin the greatest super-villain soldier the world has ever known. 
With his life torn apart and turned upside down, Tobin must face a horrible truth: he was never meant to save the world. He was meant to destroy it.  

Keplar Costello is one of Tobin’s first friends in the world of superheroes. A 25-year-old, six-and-a-half-foot-tall Siberian husky, Keplar enjoys beer, big explosions, and chasing girls, in that order. He’s a wise-cracking, kinda lazy, badass dog…but also the most loyal bud you could ever have.

While Tobin is understandably shocked at first by Keplar’s appearance, they quickly become best friends, and Keplar even travels to Earth to become Tobin’s crime-fighting partner (even though everyone on our world thinks he’s a weirdo in a very convincing dog suit).

Orion Hobbes is Tobin’s mentor, and the first person who gets him involved in the crazy world of superheroes. Semi-retired from adventuring, he soon learns he must train Tobin to face the oncoming threat of Vincent Harris, a super-villain who wants to leave the comic book world of superheroes and invade Earth.

Old and weary from a life of never-ending battles, Orion eventually sees Tobin as the son he never had, and the two form an incredibly close bond as teacher, student, and friends.



Scatterbolt is the fourth member of Tobin’s team of superheroes. A genius, 

9-year-old robot, he’s able to access all of the history of the world of heroes, and teaches Tobin everything he needs to know about his insane, crazy adventure. 

Through the course of Tobin’s adventure, Scatterbolt grows from a scared kid on the sidelines into a superhero in his own right, using his oil blasters and head-mounted helicopter to help Tobin battle the forces of evil. (Oh, he also has a pet dinosaur.)

Vincent Harris is the villain of the series. One of the leaders of the world of heroes, he sees his life as having one purpose: to destroy the humans of Earth. Having watched our history for decades, he sees our world as a place full of war, chaos, and primitive humans who will destroy the world of heroes, if they ever discover it. (And really, can you blame him?)


Vincent eventually uses his power to invade Tobin’s small, seaside hometown, surrounding it in a swirling storm. During their final battle, Tobin learns there is more to Vincent than just a charismatic leader: he can transform into the Rantamede, an eight-foot-tall monster with the face of a tiger and the body of a mythological beast. 

Rigel is Vincent’s bodyguard and closest confidante. A towering brute, he at first serves as Vincent’s silent, merciless muscle, but later becomes the main villain of the series, after Tobin defeats Vincent during the invasion of his hometown. 


Driven mad by his belief that he was denied the destiny he deserved, Rigel viciously siphons Tobin’s powers into his own body and fulfills Vincent’s dream: he successfully invades and occupies the city of Boston. Soon, the American city is under the control of Rigel and other super-villains, who turn it into Vincent’s idealized, perfect version of what life should be (with no Earthlings allowed). 

Hooded Gores are Vincent’s minions during his invasion of Earth. Instruments of terror, they exist to create as much chaos and fear as possible, to show the humans what will happen to them if they do not surrender their world to Vincent. If there’s only one Gore, Tobin can dispose of it pretty easily. But when there’s a hundred of them? Watch out. 

The Eradicators are also one of Vincent’s tools during his invasion. However, they serve in the opposite role as the Gores; while the Gores create panic, the Eradicators are there to herd the fleeing humans into groups, to later be imprisoned in Vincent’s floating skyscraper. The humans of Earth soon realize there is no use in fighting the black-armored zombies: anyone who tries to escape is immediately blasted by the green lasers from their wrists, which cause the humans to collapse and freeze in place...but only after hideous, painful convulsions. 

These are only a few of the characters Tobin meets on his adventure. There’s also Aykrada, a woman (and mom) who can turn into stone; Wakefield, a crazy, crackpot inventor of robots; and Adrianna, a mysterious young superhero who may or may not be on Tobin’s side. Meet them all in STRIKE, a rollicking, retro, high-action, super-powered adventure in a world you will never forget. 


Praise for the STRIKE novels:

"5 stars for excellent writing and colorful characters--Keplar being my favorite."

"I read the entire trilogy in a weekend… I would recommend the trilogy to anyone” 

"A great summer book. Very exciting with a twist of tragedy."

"Best book I've ever read"

“Amazing...I recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of adventure and action"

"Great for kids!  My son loved all 3 books of this series."

"Must read! This book trilogy was awesome. It has adventure, action, mystery, but best of all SUPERHEROES. You need to read this series!"

"Lots of action, engaging characters. Well-written, keeps you turning pages. Highly recommended. Good read."

"My 10 year-old son gives The Strike Trilogy 5 stars. He told me he wishes there were more books with these characters."

"A great read. Good character development. Sci-fi fans should read, superhero fans MUST READ!"

"Amazing...I think that this is an incredible series and I couldn't put it down at all before I finished it".

"Great story...Read this before giving to my 10 year old grandson. If you like superheroes, this book is great.”

"Super fun...Plenty of humor, fighting action, and even a believable plot"

"When I bought this book, I literally COULD NOT put it down. I fell in love with all the characters in the book. I got a little teary eyed, especially at the end"

“The characters are fascinating, and you actually connect with them--even the villains--and begin very quickly to care what happens to them."

"Fun, moving, exciting...The story is charming, and full of gripping action."

"One of my favorites, just sorry to see the series end."

"Amazing book...I never give 5 stars on a review but this was an amazing conclusion to an ever progressive trilogy. I can not wait until the next book comes out."

“The author carefully orchestrated the entire set of books to build to a fantastic climax. I enjoyed this a great deal."

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